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Think Fresh
Think Simplistic
Think Creative
Think Efficient
Think nFairy

Who are we?

nFairy is a company that strives for perfection; making our clients’ visions into reality is what we do best. Combining your dreams with all of the latest advances in design and technology is how we create stunning, modern sites and apps that still channel you or your company’s personality. We believe that there is no one perfect solution, but endless possibilities that can be combined and improved to make beautiful, flawless interfaces. We don’t just follow orders; we go above and beyond to make sure that your product is more than what you thought possible.

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We don’t just do design; we take care of everything.

When you want make yourself or your business known on the internet, you have a lot of steps to take. Hire a web designer, find a hosting company, hire another designer to maintain your site, another to help you create your company identity, spend endless hours researching how to advertise. Your time is valuable. Wouldn’t it be great if one company could take care of everything for you, worry-free?

  • Our specialty

    Web Design? Our team has over 15 years of experience, so, it’s kinda our thing. Apps? Yeah, we make those too.

    nFairy has the most reliable team of designers you could ask for. Whatever you need, we can handle it. Our team thrives on making ambitious ideas into real projects. We offer a wide variety of services, developing everything from personal WordPress sites to corporate apps. Even with our small team, we deliver in quite a timely matter, too.

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  • Secure & HIPAA compliant hosting

    If we design your site, we’ll host it for you too.

    We offer a large variety of options to fit the needs of anyone; from bloggers to businesses to medical companies. Need a reliable hosting service with 24/7 support? Check. Want us to back up your site weekly, or even daily, so you don’t lose a thing? Got it. What about having your own, HIPAA compliant servers that can securely store anything, including medical data? Yep. We can do that, too.

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    Startups made easy

    Think we’d stop after just the techy stuff? No way!

    With our branding and advertising services, our team will guide you through developing a company identity and spreading the word. We’ll set you up with a custom logo and a package of personalized company documents & elements such as invoices, proposals, letterheads, business cards and more. We’ll even walk you through growing your customer base with services like Google ad Words and feature you on our own site.

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    We’ll never leave you hanging

    Need something different but don’t know where to look? We’ve got’cha covered. Like we’ve mentioned before, our customers mean a lot to us. If you need anything related to your product or business, we’d love to help. We can do anything from creating company documents to helping you seek out financial aides & investors. And if we can’t handle it? (Which is really rare.) We’ll gladly find you the best services to fit your needs.

    Don’t be shy to ask us for anything. At nFairy, clients are family.

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Leadership Team

An imaginative team of leaders who thrive on creativity

  • Testimonial

    Angelica Steele

    President & CEO

    "Helping others achieve their dreams so I can achieve my own."

    Angelica is nFairy’s 18 year old President & Chief Creative Officer. With a great eye for aesthetics and a passion for perfection, Angelica always keeps things looking modern and fresh. She’s super compassionate, and wants to help guide you through creating something far beyond your most ambitious dreams.

  • Testimonial

    Nick Steele

    Chief Technology Officer

    "Sometimes the best way is the hard way."

    With over 18 years of experience with computers and programming, Nick is the guy who handles all of the back-end stuff. Wish you could add some custom features to your site? Think it’s too far-fetched? Maybe the technology just isn’t available yet? Think again. Nick will find a way to make your vision into reality in the most efficient way possible.

  • Testimonial

    Christopher Reith

    Chief Creative Officer

    "The secret of getting ahead, is getting started."

    Chris makes sure that all of our products look and function perfectly. He pays extra close attention to detail, and goes out of his way to make sure that our products go above and beyond our clients expectations. He’s always imagining things, so he always finds a way to make even the most simple things look and feel stunning.

  • Testimonial

    Rachel Feather

    Customer Relations Specialist

    "Every great business is built on friendship."

    Rachel is in charge of communications between our clients and our development team. She’ll meet with you as many times as you need through the duration of the project, and be your main contact for maintenance after the project is complete. Rachel is very ambitious, and loves to spread her passion by helping others achieve their goals.

It's not
just about ideas.
It’s about making them happen.
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